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Frequently asked questions

How long has Karara been managing money?

Our investment approach has been applied since 1985 when David Slack became a founding Director of County Natwest Investment Management (later Invesco Australia).

Karara investment managers David Slack and Rohan Walsh began working togethor in 1988. From 1994 Rohan ran the Australian Equities business and has worked closely with team member Luke Sinclair since 1999. Rohan and Luke co-managed the Australian Equities fund at Invesco from 2001 to 2007 and since then at Karara.

Karara was established in April 2007.


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Why should I invest with Karara?

To beat the market we do things differently than the market.

Karara invests according to common sense investment principles that have proven themselves over time. This approach centres around drawing insights into the outlook of businesses that differs from those implied in its price. Typically this may involved sound companies that are unloved or underappreciated by the market for a range of reasons. The emphasis of Karara’a approach is on mispricing and change, rather than absolutes for, as the market adage notes: 'great companies do not necessarily make great investments'.

The firm's investment team is deeply experienced and have applied this approach consistently over 25 years.

While future returns are uncertain the senior members of the team have a track record of delivering outcomes after fees well above benchmark and peers.

The structure of the Karara means the company is independent and its investment team is aligned with your interests. They invest alongside you in our Funds.

Our fees are competitive.

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How can I invest with Karara?

Our strategies are available to retail investors through the Ironbark Karara Funds. For more information please contact Ironbark at client.services@ironbarkam.com or by phoning toll free on 1800 034 402.

Institutional investors can contact us by emailing sarah.pranoto@karara.com.au or calling +61 (03) 8612 7100.

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Does management invest in Karara’s funds?


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Why invest with a boutique like Karara?

Focus. Cocentrating on one asset class and only managing a small number of products reduces the number of moving parts.

The business has invested heavily in operational and risk control systems and has a dedicated dealer and a very experienced operational team. A strict compliance and oversight regime is in place.

Alignment. Business ownership and co-investment in products provides investment team alignment. There is no corporate distraction allowing the investment team to work in a focused, enjoyable meritocracy.

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What does 'style agnostic' mean?

Karara is a style agnostic investor. This means that we look for value, yet recognise growth as a key determinant of this value. In assessing value we are not overly influenced by static measures of value or growth.

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What is Karara’s view on ESG?

In Karara's experience those companies that best manage environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) risks, impacts & opportunities are more financially sustainable in the longer term and positioned to deliver better long-term financial performance and returns to our clients.

Consequently, we believe that the ESG performance of the companies we invest in is not only a proxy for the quality of management and the sustainability of the business model, but is also relevant to the overall performance of our clients' investment portfolios.

As a result, we believe that the integration of ESG into our investment analysis and investment decision making is essential.

In addition to financial considerations Karara believes that companies, as a matter of principle, should act in a socially responsible manner. They should conduct their business in a way that recognises their responsibilities to employees and other stakeholders, as well as to the broader community and the environment.

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