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van Eyk rates Karara highly

Karara is pleased that its Australian Shares capability has again been recognised by van Eyk Research.

As mentioned in the van Eyk Australian Equities Mid-Cycle Review 2011 report (July 2011, p3), “The investment process is well developed, focused on detailed bottom-up research but incorporating top-down and thematic ideas. The approach is style agnostic, and a key objective is to exploit disconnects between fundamentals and market expectations. As a style neutral manager, this strategy could be used as a core fund in a blended portfolio.”

Furthermore, van Eyk has stated in the van Eyk Australian Equities Mid-Cycle Review 2011 ratings release (August 2011, p6) “The Fund is managed by a very stable team, with stock research deeper and more insightful relative to most other managers in the peer group.”

* van Eyk Research Pty Ltd ABN 99 010 664 632, corporate authorised representative of van Eyk Financial Group Pty Ltd ABN 28 149 679 078, AFSL 402146 (authorised representative number 408625) (van Eyk) rates investment management capabilities rather than individual products. This rating is valid as at August 2011 but can change or cease at anytime and should not be relied upon without referring to the meaning of the rating, as well as the full manager report, available to subscribers at www.iRate.vaneyk.com.au. van Eyk has not directed the publication of the Karara Australian Equities Strategy rating.