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Clients have the choice of four investment strategies:

The Karara Australian Share Strategy,

The Karara Small Companies Strategy,

The Karara Property Securities Strategy, and

The Karara Market Neutral Strategy

Institutional investors can invest directly in the Australian Share, Small Companies and Property Securities strategies though an individually managed account (IMA). The Australian Shares, Small Companies and Market Neutral strategies are available through our wholesale pooled funds. For more information on how to invest please contact us.

Retail investors can access the Karara Australian Share, Small Companies and Market Neutral strategies via the Ironbark Karara Investment Funds.

The Karara Australian Share Strategy

 This is a whole-of-market strategy benchmarked against the S&P/ASX300 Accumulation Index. 

The portfolio is managed in two pieces. Between 80% and 95% of the portfolio is held in relatively concentrated portfolio of 25-35 investments selected from the largest 100 listed Australian companies.

The balance replicates the Karara Small Company Strategy and is mangaed by our specialist small company team. The size of the allocation is based on the relative opportunity in each part of the market. Over time we have had a bias to smaller companies reflecting greater mis-pricing frequently found there.

This approach has two advantages. Firstly it produces diversified, scalable portfolios. Secondly it helps us to develop deep understanding of the largest companies in the market while giving investors access to all the insights of our experienced small companies team.

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The Karara Small Company Strategy

This strategy primarily invests in opportunities from outside of the largest listed companies and is benchmarked against the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation Index.

Taking into account individual stock liquidity and after applying a qualitative and quantitative filters, our team selects 35 to 65 of the best ideas from within the smaller companies universe.

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The Karara Market Neutral Plus Strategy

This is an absolute return strategy that aims to generate positive returns in all market environments by reducing the majority of market risk, focussing on capital preservation and exploiting individual stock mis-pricings.

The strategy typically invests in ASX-listed REITs, property related securities, utilities related securities and Infrastructure related securities. The strategy may also invest in Global REITs listed on developed market exchanges.

Learn more about Karara's Market Neutral Plus Fund